Would you like to feature Southern Pines Brewing at your event? We have everything you need to include the beer, equipment, and servers to have a great event with Southern Pines beer.

  • We bring and setup our own beer and equipment.
  • We provide knowledge, certified servers who can answer all the questions your guests might have about our beer.
  • We will pour through the duration of the event and take everything away when we’re done, so you can rest easy that the beer is covered!

What we need from you?

  • Pay for the beer, labor, and equipment fees prior to the event. An invoice will be sent to you, and you can pay over the phone or in person at the taproom.
  • Provide a safe, accessible area for us to park and set up our serving equipment.

If everything sounds good, please email us your event information to info@southernpinesbrewing.com 30 days before the event. Note, we sell 1/6 bbl and 1/2 bbl kegs, with about 40 pints and 125 pints of beer respectively.