Southern Pines Brewing Taproom is a place where you can watch community happen, and we are happy to share it with you for events. We have hosted everything from weddings, to baby showers, to retirement parties, and we are truly honored that folks want to use our space for their own special events. Due to the small, intimate nature of our taproom, there are a few general guidelines we follow when booking events:

  • We require a 30-day advance notification for events in the taproom.
  • We do not close the taproom for private events. Because we do not have a separate space that can be sectioned off, any events must co-exist with our existing taproom business. We are happy to reserve a few tables, let you bring in balloons, catered food, or anything else within reason to facilitate your event, but we are unable to close off the brewery to the general public. We do this because we want to be the communities place to come grab a beer with friends, and we want everyone to count on the fact that we’ll be open when we say we are open.
  • You cannot bring in any other beverages.
  • We will limit the taproom to one event per afternoon or evening so as to not overcrowd the space.
  • We do not charge for use of the space, and we have multiple payment options for groups to cover the cost of their beer. Please ask our taproom manager to find out what might work best in your situation.

If everything still looks good, please email us your event information to info@southernpinesbrewing.com.